What does Quentin Tarantino, the 70s and Nicole Kidman have in common? Historically, not a lot but through the eyes of Brian Trenchard-Smith quite a bit. The man that perfected the early 80s low budget Aussie horror films is coming to Canberra for a retrospective season of Ozploitation!

Hailed as one of Tarantino’s favourite directors, Trenchard-Smith rode the wave of exploitation films that helped define a generation of filmmakers. Among his collection of classics screening at the NFSA are Deathcheaters, Turkey Shoot, The Man From Hong Kong and BMX Bandits which gave Nicole Kidman her first big break.

A true retrospective wouldn’t be complete without a Q&A, luckily the man himself will be taking questions on opening night, this Friday 13th, after the screening of Dead End Drive-In. This is a not to be missed event as Brian has said he is keen to chat with local filmmakers so don’t beat around the bush… but do drive safely.


Tickets and info here.


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