Got stuck at home watching MasterChef last night? No problemo, CBR Film Blog has got you covered (covered until the free grog was brought out that is) with all the latest deets from Screen Canberra’s annual Expo! Read on to find out the juicy bits.

The ‘CBR Screen Fund’

The one you’ve all been waiting for, may as well get it out of the way first, the reinvigorated CBR Screen Fund. This fund received $5 million (yes six zeros!) from the ACT Government earlier this year and will be the focus of strategic not business investment for projects that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the ACT screen industry a.k.a it’s gotta involve Canberra and Canberrans in some way! Here are the main takeaways:

  • The fund aims to build sustainable businesses in the ACT by focusing on local I.P, training/development, collaboration opportunities and of course funding
  • The fund will also be used to improve Screen Canberra’s operational effectiveness with reorganised staff, a new website and online application portal
  • At least 20% of the fund will be devoted to local practitioners with the goal to raise this number over time.
  • This will be achieved partly by investing in commercially viable projects which have a chance of capital recoupment
  • The remainder of the fund will be allocated to professional incoming productions that meet the Funding Guidelines
  • These productions will be required to take on local attachments to further develop ACT practitioners (heavier the investment, the more attachments)
  • Funding Guidelines will be available on the Screen Canberra website from July 31st and the Application Portal goes live from August 14
  • There will be four application deadlines throughout the year (Sep, Dec, March & June)
  • Applications will be assessed by the Screen Canberra board in addition to two industry professionals and a government representative

Development & Support Initiatives

Screen Canberra will be providing its usual slate of development initiatives along with new and enhanced programs. The rundown looks like this:

  • August: Screen Arts Fund opens August 13. This fund aims to support practitioners by moving them into new stages of their development through grants for placements, mentors and seed funding.
  • October: Foundation Pod. An introductory filmmaking course for those with little time but would like to hone their writing, directing, producing skills (reoccurring in May 2019).
  • November: Accelerator Film Pod. Six month program where you can develop, write and pitch a feature film project to a number of film distributors and win the chance to enter the Accelerator Program.
  • March: Business of Screen Acting. A workshop with one of Australia’s leading casting directors to explore the business side of the acting industry.

In addition to these programs, Screen Canberra will have a number of Masterclasses and networking events available throughout the year including classes for Games, Screenwriting and Directing. The Masterclasses aim to bring top minds to Canberra to share methods, experiences and key industry insights.

And as if all that wasn’t enough great news, Screen Canberra will have rolling travel grants available throughout the year for events such as Melbourne International Games Week, Screen Forever Conference and the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC). Official co-productions with NZ and Singapore have also become a lot easier so dig out your old penpal’s number and get thinking!

So I’ve got to catch the next episode of MC but I’ll quickly remind you of all the other benefits Screen Canberra provides to local practitioners:

  • Internship Program – for those still studying and would like some real world experience in the Screen Canberra office. You may even be able to get credit towards your course.
  • Attachment Program – the best way to get your foot in the door and get paid!
  • PLI – a must for any indie filmmaker, the last thing you want is a lawsuit so Screen Canberra’s accessible and affordable public liability insurance is a no-brainer.
  • Location Managers – Half day recce with a trained location manager is available for eligible productions
  • Directory – Let’s not forget the goldmine of local talent on their website for cast, crew and locations.

The crew at Screen Canberra have obviously outdone themselves, we can only be in awe at their awesomeness. We also can’t hold our excitement at what’s to come, go get it peeps!


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