Canberra’s own dedicated documentary film festival, Stronger Than Fiction, is about to kick off at Palace Electric this weekend and we can not wait! After a short hiatus last year, the festival is back with an all-impressive line up of factual content from the best film festivals around the world. In all honesty, everything looks amazing but if you’re strapped for time like myself then don’t worry; here are our top picks to get you started:

Minding The Gap (6:30pm, Fri August 3)

What started out as a pet project for the interest of skateboarding turned into an award winning film for first time director Bing Liu. Not only did the film evolve over ten years but it also encompassed the director’s own life until he was one of the main characters. The film looks fun but also deals with some confronting issues, budding filmmakers try not to miss this one!


MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A. (8:45pm, Fri August 3)

The artist M.I.A. hasn’t shied away from controversy in the past and she holds no punches in this new documentary focusing on her life, first as a Sri Lankan refugee and then as a British pop star. Not only does this film offer an exciting view into the life of a world renown singer, it also delves into her and her family’s contentious past… looks juicy!


Genesis 2.0 (3:45pm, Sat August 4)

The future is here and it is weird! This beautifully shot doco takes us to Siberia where the permafrost is melting and mammoth carcasses are being exposed. Where some people see rotting bones, others see $$ and so the cycle continues as the epic battle between man and nature plays out. Worth seeing for the Werner Herzog vibe let alone giant tusks!


The Cleaners (8:30pm, Sat August 4)

This film looks super creepy and yet very important to see… In an age of data breaches, big tech and fake news, it seems as though the topic of democratic and independent journalism matters more than ever before. This film has at least one or two social media platform cameos so you may want to see it if you use any of them…


Of Fathers and Sons (4pm, Sun August 5)

A film that looks like painful but necessary viewing, obviously a remarkable feat considering the risks the filmmaker endured to complete it. Not only is this a story rarely told by mainstream media, it’s also one that everyone can relate to (if you were ever a child?) despite taking place in a war zone on the other side of the planet. The trailer is confronting enough, so looking forward to seeing the film in full.


Do you agree with our Top 5? What would you add? Let us know in the comments =)