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CBR FILM GUIDE // 1st – 15th August

The next fortnight is jam packed with a whole lot of local film lovin; we’re talking docos, Sci-Fi and shiny new gear. You’re welcome! Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 1st – 15th August”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 16th Nov – 1st Dec

This fortnight of film fun has a few things to do with Xmas trivia, student masterpieces and girl power!

Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 16th Nov – 1st Dec”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 1-15th Nov

This fortnight of CBR vibe is loaded with open air cinemas, Belco pride and high tea!

Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 1-15th Nov”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 17-31st Oct

Film festivals, Q&As and Halloween all feature heavily in this edition of the CBR Film Guide!

Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 17-31st Oct”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 29th Sep – 13th Oct

Fashion, music videos and the workers’ uprising all feature in this jam-packed fortnight of cinema life in the capital.  Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 29th Sep – 13th Oct”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 14-28th Sep

This fortnight of CBR events include CSFF, Swords & Sorcery and a few more Secrets.

Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 14-28th Sep”

CBR FILM GUIDE // 29th Aug – 11th Sep

This fortnight of CBR events include video games, 2min films, hip hop mashups and Scientology all to the soundtrack of cool 80s synth pop.

Continue reading “CBR FILM GUIDE // 29th Aug – 11th Sep”

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