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CITY EAR // ‘Contained’ Feature Film

Coming to a Canberra backlot near you! Contained is the new feature film confirmed as The Film Distillery’s first slated production with Odin’s Eye Entertainment and Screen ACT. Coming out of the inaugural  Continue reading “CITY EAR // ‘Contained’ Feature Film”

CITY EAR // Music Video Monday

Jack Biilmann has taken this city by storm and now he’s steadily taking over the internet with this brand new music video shot by local cinematographer Tobias Ridewood. ‘Having a bad day’ would be an understatement as the theme for this video but Jack manages to Continue reading “CITY EAR // Music Video Monday”

CITY EAR // Music Video Monday

The lads from Crux Media are back at it with another fresh video, this time from Aussie legends The Living End. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to The Bottle O, this tale of caution gets you right in the moral Continue reading “CITY EAR // Music Video Monday”

CITY EAR // CIFF 2016: Our Must See List

The 2016 Canberra International Film Festival starts this week and with so many glorious films and events scattered throughout the festival we found it really difficult to narrow our must see list to ten but here it is:  Continue reading “CITY EAR // CIFF 2016: Our Must See List”

CITY EAR // 4th Annual British Film Festival

While I may be slightly geographically biased, for me the British Film Festival is simply the highlight of the cinematic year.  Despite its relatively short history, the British Film Festival has Continue reading “CITY EAR // 4th Annual British Film Festival”

FREE S%#T // ‘A Flickering Truth’ Screening + Q&A

The ANU Film Group is bringing acclaimed documentary A FLICKERING TRUTH to town for its Canberra premiere screening and we’ve got tickets to give away for you to attend this event!
Continue reading “FREE S%#T // ‘A Flickering Truth’ Screening + Q&A”

CITY EAR // ‘BRINDABELLAS | edge of light’ Feature Film

Canberra is full of surprises and we were certainly pleasantly surprised to hear that a new feature made here in this incredible city is now ready to watch. What we found even more surprising was that Continue reading “CITY EAR // ‘BRINDABELLAS | edge of light’ Feature Film”

CITY EAR // Music Video Monday

Mondays are great, but they’re even better with a new music video! This music video is brought to you by local production company Vorfreude Pictures for Continue reading “CITY EAR // Music Video Monday”

CITY EAR // Lexus Short Film Fellowship

Thank God for corporate product placement! Something I would never say aloud in public but where would us filmmakers be without it!? We would probably be sucking up a lot more to the people that give out government grants, Continue reading “CITY EAR // Lexus Short Film Fellowship”

CITY EAR // Today in Trailers: VFF, EFFA & ‘Brindabellas’

There is a lot happening around town this weekend and we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to film screenings. Get your ‘trick or treat’ on and feast on some visual eye candy! Continue reading “CITY EAR // Today in Trailers: VFF, EFFA & ‘Brindabellas’”

CITY EAR // Fashfest 2016 – Filmmakers

“Canberra – the fashion capital of the world!”, maybe not yet but we can dream right? Well that’s exactly what this year’s official Fashfest filmmakers have Continue reading “CITY EAR // Fashfest 2016 – Filmmakers”

CITY EAR // ‘Clipped’ Music Video Festival

What’s more exciting than going to the cinema on a Friday night? Going to the cinema and listening to some sweet tunes at the same time duh Video may have killed the radio star but the video star is well and truly kicking! Continue reading “CITY EAR // ‘Clipped’ Music Video Festival”

CITY EAR // GAMMA.CON – Eyes on the Ground

Come again, gone again. Such is the life of GAMMA.CON, Canberra’s Pop Culture festival Continue reading “CITY EAR // GAMMA.CON – Eyes on the Ground”

CITY EAR // Canberra Short Film Festival Winners

Some would say that all filmmakers are winners in that they have actually managed to complete a film which I would definitely agree with. If that’s the case, Continue reading “CITY EAR // Canberra Short Film Festival Winners”

CITY EAR // Today in Trailers: CSFF, CIFF & GammaCon

As if you didn’t have enough to procrastinate on already, here is this week’s happenings summed up nicely in a few moving images… Continue reading “CITY EAR // Today in Trailers: CSFF, CIFF & GammaCon”

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