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THE WEEKLY // Flatliners

Code blue.

There is no rational reason why anyone anywhere decided that Julia Roberts’ 1990 thriller Flatliners should be remade. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Flatliners”

THE WEEKLY // War For the Planet of the Apes

Set 15 years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the third instalment in this blockbuster series takes us to a bleak and eerily familiar future. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // War For the Planet of the Apes”

THE WEEKLY // Alien: Covenant

While really just a Prometheus sequel, we all know in our heart of hearts that had this film been called Prometheus 2 it would’ve got no funding and people would’ve raged hate upon it. So, what does Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Alien: Covenant”


It’s pretty clear from the first five minutes what Life is trying to be, a strange kind of hybrid of Alien and Gravity, with an unhealthy dose of John Carpenters’ The Thing thrown in to liven things up. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY// Life”

THE WEEKLY // Passengers

A luxury (and beautifully crafted) space carrier is taking 5000 people on a 120-year journey to colonise a new planet, Homestead II. Everyone on board is in deep hibernation, sleeping peacefully while the ship, Avalon, functions on Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Passengers”

THE WEEKLY // Arrival

Holy shitballs. Arrival is certainly not your typical alien flick. If you want to see explosive gunfights and aliens tearing humans to pieces, then rethink this one and just watch Alien again. That’s not to say that Arrival is lacking Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Arrival”

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