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THE WEEKLY // The Dinner

I was eager to see The Dinner after being intrigued by the novel of the same name by Dutch author Herman Koch. I can save you the scroll down: this story is Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // The Dinner”

THE WEEKLY // Wind River

A (quite literally) chilling thriller set on a snowy, remote Native American Reservation; I would suggest bringing a nice warm jumper into the cinema with you for this one. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Wind River”

SPOTLIGHT // Berlin Syndrome

Cate Shortland, the Australian director of the chillingly captivating Berlin Syndrome, shows us the darker side of one of the key Australian rites of passage – backpacking across Europe. It may well give you cause to reconsider what you plan to do on your gap year. Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // Berlin Syndrome”

SPOTLIGHT // Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals, the second film from fashion designer Tom Ford, is a stylised yet substantial thriller, in which LA art gallery owner Susan Morrow’s (Amy Adams) world is shattered by the arrival of a dark and violent Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // Nocturnal Animals”

THE WEEKLY // Arrival

Holy shitballs. Arrival is certainly not your typical alien flick. If you want to see explosive gunfights and aliens tearing humans to pieces, then rethink this one and just watch Alien again. That’s not to say that Arrival is lacking Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Arrival”

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